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Employment Agency F.A.S. Packing

We have 10 years of experience in secondment of people to work in the Netherlands. We operate in accordance with rules in force under the certificate granted by the Marshal, Agency’s reference number: 4255. We work with AUB van Bergen B.V. in the Netherlands. The company is NEN-certified and operates in accordance with the Dutch Civil Code and NBBU-CAO )collective bargaining agreement).

What we guarantee to our workers:

  • Legal Dutch employment for a minimum of 3 months with the possibility of permanent employment;
  • Salary amounting to at least the minimum salary in force in the Netherlands;
  • Good accommodation in brick houses;
  • Transfer from Poland to the Netherlands and back;
  • Collective health insurance with AUB van Bergen Groep, which is compulsory in the Netherlands;

We do everything to make you feel at home in the Netherlands.

Visit our Olsztyn office where you will learn details regarding working conditions in the Netherlands.

 Contact our Office:
+48 533 911 533
+48 535 867 206

Our partners:


Prepare the following:

1) Resume with photo in Polish
(alternatively in English)

2) Scan of valid ID card or passport
(in colour, both sides)

3) Number of bank account
(foreign currency or in the Netherlands)

4) Scan of driver’s license if you have one
(in colour, both sides)

5) Scan of BSN/SOFI number assignation if you have one

Fill out the
ONLINE Application Form

Make sure to attach the previously prepared documents.

Alternatively, you can download:
(PDF format)

Fill out the form legibly and send it to our email address:

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you