The Netherlands as a leader in flower production – get a job abroad!

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The Netherlands as a leader in flower production – get a job abroad!


August 2019

Seeking employment abroad goes together with deciding on the choice of a specific country, industry or business sector in which you want to work. You can start getting an insight into the market on the internet. The right way to do this is to confront our expectations, both in terms of working conditions, duties and remuneration, with what the market in this or that country can offer. In many cases going to work in the Netherlands turns out to be a good choice. And what business sectors are the most thriving in the Netherlands? Of course, horticulture and its related sector – flower production.

Why to work in the Netherlands?

The popularity of Germany as a destination country for profit-making trips has fallen sharply. Negative moods of German people towards economic migrants make the Poles more reluctant to choose this country. And for this reason, they are more and more willing to go and work in the Netherlands. This is not only a perfect place for work, but also for leisure. Days off can be spent sightseeing or relaxing in the countryside. The Country of Blooming Tulips cannot be denied any of these attractions. Its cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Hague tempt with an extraordinary number of architectural gems and all-night events. And outside these cities you can enjoy the closeness and beauty of nature. Importantly, the Netherlands is not a large country, so a trip from one end to the other, for example by a rented car, is not a challenge or a heavy burden in terms of costs.

What kind of work awaits you in the Netherlands?

The Dutch labour market offers numerous jobs in a variety of business sectors. Depending on your education and experience, there is something for each and every person. Undoubtedly, you can always find employment in logistics, production and numerous warehouses (packing goods). Seasonally you will also find work in agriculture and horticulture. Not everyone knows that glasshouse horticulture, and especially flower growing, takes place in the Netherlands all year round. For this reason, workers in this industry are sought after not only in the most hectic holiday season. Work in horticulture can also be based on a long-term contract of employment. How is that flowers grow in the Netherlands all year long, even in winter? It is easy. There is a specific microclimate in greenhouses, which means that conditions within them are always favourable for flower growing. Solar rays, even in small quantities, when passing through greenhouse ceilings and walls raise the temperature to a pleasant level. However, thanks to their closure, precipitation can be regulated by their operator and precisely adjusted to the needs of plants. At the same time, all these factors make working with flowers in greenhouses much more pleasant when compared to other business sectors.

How to get a job in flower production in the Netherlands?

There are plenty of job vacancies on the Internet, including work abroad. Not all of them are worth being trusted on. Some employment agents require an advance payment to cover some initial costs of employment and then contact breaks off. Therefore, when looking for a job via the Internet, you should be extremely vigilant and cautious. There is one more way-out, much safer and more reliable. You can get in touch with an employment agency and ask them to find a suitable job offer for you. These agencies are specialised companies dealing with finding employment abroad in various countries and in very different business sectors. Support provided by employment agency staff is not limited to finding work itself, but also includes assistance with completing formalities, trip organisation and accommodation arrangements. This is definitely an invaluable help, especially when we are going to work in the Netherlands for the first time. It is worth taking advantage of this option and get in touch with specialists at employment agencies.


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