All you need to know about the trip to work in the Netherlands

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All you need to know about the trip to work in the Netherlands


June 2019

The trip to the work abroad entails a number of concerns. Not everyone is sure what to expect from the trip, what to be ready for and what to take in the luggage. People who go to work abroad for the first time, search hundreds of websites and guides to prepare for the trip as good as they can. This is why we have decided to bring them all together and present key issues related to the work trip to the Netherlands in a nutshell. Things to remember and to forget We have a hint for you.

Packing up the suitcases before the work trip to the Netherlands

When listing the things to pack up, it is important to consider not only the duration, but also the season when you will travel to the Netherlands. This country is located within the area of temperate climate, just as it is in Poland. With this in mind, seasonal changes should be considered. That is why, when going to work in the Netherlands, it is better to take lots of light clothing, a waterproof jacket and lightweight outerwear. As the season changes to the colder one, taking more warm clothes should be gradually planned. It is worth bearing in mind that colder days in the Netherlands may come sooner than those in Poland. In addition, if medicines are taken regularly, the required amounts of them should be packed up so that they suffice for the whole period of the trip abroad. Do not forget about chargers for your electronic devices. Dutch houses are equipped with outlets with standard European inputs, therefore no adapters are needed.

Transport for work abroad

The employer helps to ensure transport for employees. However, you always need to make sure about that and agree on all the details. There may also be the need to organize the transport to the Netherlands on your own – but this situation happens rarely. The most important thing is to know exactly where and at what time your mean of transport departs. If you are not sure about the location of the place of departure, go there one or two days earlier to check everything out. This will eliminate the stress associated with searching a meeting point at the last moment just before the departure. In addition, it is better to arrive a little earlier than to leave at the last possible moment.

Accident insurance

Naturally, nothing prevents the purchase of the additional accident insurance before leaving to the Netherlands. It is important to remember that when you legally sign the employment contract with the Dutch employer, you will be covered by the insurance. Owing to this, both on the way to work, when performing duties, as well as in transit from work to home, the insurance will provide cover. In this respect, in the case of an accident, the insurance cover will work.

Have some pocket money – ensuring financial safety before travelling abroad

It is best to take some pocket money for the start. In the Netherlands, the single currency is in use – euro. You do not have to take a lot of money, but a small amount will allow for some independence and covering small expenses.


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