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Are you planning to work abroad? Choose the Netherlands


March 2019

There is an abundance of job offers abroad. Jobseekers are free to choose from a variety of offers and destination countries. Sometimes it happens that the decision to leave is the result of an impulse. But most frequently it is thoroughly and carefully thought out and calculated. When deciding to leave, you have to choose the country which will be the destination of your journey. More and more Poles go to the Netherlands – for a reason. Why is the Netherlands so attractive to us?

Where to work abroad?

The first wave of economic emigration, which occurred immediately after the opening of the borders of the European Union, was headed to the British Isles. Those times are long gone, and in the face of Brexit and the growing reluctance of British people towards foreigners, hardly anyone thinks about going to England, and more and more people are thinking about returning to their homeland. Germany is also slowly ceasing to be an attractive place to work for Poles. This does not change the fact that the Poles are always greeted with willingness and open arms by the Dutch. There is a job for us there – and plus, it is well paid. The Dutch, accustomed to the large number of foreigners working in their country, are very open and friendly towards other nationalities. Therefore, if you want to go to work abroad, choose the Netherlands.

What makes us so keen to choose the Netherlands?

The most common reason for going abroad is the willingness to gain stable employment, as well as the offered remuneration. In the Netherlands, a Pole with no specific qualifications and no language skills can count on attractive terms of employment. The amount of salary is as important as its timeliness and frequency; in Poland we are used to monthly payouts, while in the Netherlands it is done on a weekly basis. The Dutch labour market abounds in offers from various fields and industries. With education and language skills, you can count on much better job offers and higher salaries. You can learn the language effectively by communicating with the Dutch on a daily basis. It is worth making such acquaintances, because in the long run such additional knowledge and skills may bring us considerable benefits.

What kind of employees are the Dutch looking for?

While academic education is still highly valued in Poland, in the Netherlands it is not put first by employers. In Dutch companies, experience is valued much higher than education. There is, quite rightly so, a conviction that experience in a particular profession prepares much better for work than academic knowledge itself. If you have specific professional skills at hand and you are not afraid of work, there will certainly be an attractive job for you in the Netherlands. And if you are a young person or if, for various reasons, your work experience is not yet impressive, it is also not a cause for concern. You can also gain valuable experience in the Netherlands. It is worth mentioning that Dutch employers care about their employees for the longer term. For this reason, they prepare and train them for work, thus binding with them for the future.

Who can go to work in the Netherlands?

This question is often raised by those who are considering going to work abroad. Work in the Netherlands is mainly for young people who want to earn a living during holidays or who are looking for a job for a longer period of time. In the Netherlands you can start working as early as the age of 15, albeit with some restrictions, but this already offers good earning opportunities. It should also be remembered that the minimum wage for work in the Netherlands depends on the age of the employee. The youngest employees earn the least, and you receive the full minimum wage from the age of 22.


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