Boom for work in the Netherlands – summer is a good time to travel for work purposes

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Boom for work in the Netherlands – summer is a good time to travel for work purposes


July 2019

Going abroad for work, and especially to the Netherlands, is still extremely popular. The holidays and summer is particularly a crazy time in terms of work and earnings. Pupils and students alike are willing to spend their free time to make money during the holidays, working abroad. But these are not the only social groups that use the holiday craze for work. More and more Poles are using their annual leave and holidays to go abroad and… earn some money. Where and in what sectors can you find a job?

Summer work in the Netherlands

In summer and during the holidays, there is no shortage of work in the Dutch market. You can choose employment in many sectors that are looking for employees all year round. But these are also supplemented with seasonal work offers. The most popular seasonal jobs are in agriculture and horticulture. Year by year, workers are required in the Netherlands for cultivation and harvest of various flowers, both cut and potted. Gardening does not always involve tasks performed outdoors and in full sun. Jobs in horticulture just as often involve working in greenhouses. It is worth noting that in the Netherlands, flower cultivation, both cut ones and in pots, is done all year round with the use of greenhouses. Moreover, seasonal workers will find work in agriculture cultivating and picking fruit, usually strawberries.

Short-term contracts for work in the Netherlands

Importantly, both the Dutch employers, as well as recruitment agencies in Poland, not only sign long-term contracts with the employees. Short-term and seasonal work contracts were extremely popular when the possibility of leaving to the Netherlands was just opening up for Poles. Seasonal work lost its appeal in favor of long-term contracts in the Netherlands for a while. Now we are dealing with a Renaissance of seasonal work. This means that not only have Dutch employers gone back to this form of employment, but that Polish employees are also more willing to accept this type of work.

Seasonal work in the Netherlands – is it worth it?

Seasonal work in the Netherlands is often covered by a 3-months contract. When considering whether to take such a job, and whether it is worth doing, one should take into account not only personal issues but also the overall situation in the country. In some parts of Poland, especially in the Eastern part of the country, finding work is no small task. Moreover, one needs to understand and compare the income that can be achieved within 3 months in Poland and in the Netherlands. Dutch earnings in euros are exceptionally tempting and attractive compared to minimum wage in Poland, which unfortunately is still a reality for many Poles. Even after reducing the salary offered by a Dutch employer by the cost of accommodation and food, it is still quite a significant amount after returning to Poland, out of reach when working in the same period in Poland.

Looking for seasonal work in the Netherlands

Finding a seasonal job in the Netherlands is not an easy thing to do. When seeking a job for only 3 months, you have limited capabilities to check and verify many issues. Moreover, finding a short-term accommodation on your own is not easy, and can be quite expensive. There is a way around all these obstacles. The best way to find a seasonal job in the Netherlands is to get help from a recruitment agency. These agencies not only gather attractive long-term offers, but also equally profitable seasonal jobs. Furthermore, a great advantage of using the services of recruitment agencies when looking for seasonal work is an opportunity to take advantage of employment with accommodation. Moreover, recruitment agencies also offer jobseekers signing contracts with them a transfer to the Netherlands, which can be paid for from their first salary. Taking such a decision and choosing this offer is very beneficial for candidates, and also allows them to lift a lot of additional problems and burdens from their shoulders.


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