Can work in the Netherlands be legal?

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Can work in the Netherlands be legal?


November 2018

Since May 1, 2007, EU citizens can work in the Netherlands without any restrictions, and it is no longer necessary to have a work permit. Poles also work in the Netherlands, and most of them are employed under a contract of employment. The following article shows how to get legal employment in the Netherlands.

Work in the Netherlands, don’t risk, sign a contract

Working without a contract can be quite risky. An employee without a legal contract cannot be sure to receive a salary. The employer could deny they hired them at all. They also do not pay health insurance contributions and sickness insurance, so when the employee becomes ill, they will not be able to take advantage of health care or receive a payment for the period of illness.

However, taking up a job with a fair Dutch employer will guarantee security and guard you against unnecessary risks.

How to find a legal job in the Netherlands

Although you can look for a job in the Netherlands on your own, it will be more convenient to use the knowledge and experience of a professional recruitment agency.

When looking for a job abroad, the language barrier may be a problem. You can easily communicate in English in the Netherlands, but the primary language is Dutch. Therefore, all information, contracts and many other letters will simply be incomprehensible to Poles who do not speak this language.

Secondly, there are dishonest employers–although the Netherlands is a friendly country, it is also here that you can come across a dishonest employer. Recruitment agencies only send candidates to proven employers.

Thirdly, problems with housing–finding a flat requires knowledge of the language and the specifics of the housing market. Bear in mind that the housing conditions of a flat arranged on one’s own may leave much to be desired, and the fees may include hidden costs. It is also worth using the help a professional agency in this regard.

Use the assistance of a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies can provide various services, including job placement. Mediation is about matching and connecting the employer with the employee. Thus, a recruitment agency in the Netherlands leads to the conclusion of an agreement between a person willing to work and an employer seeking an employee.

A professional recruitment agency signs the so-called referral to work with a candidate. It contains, e.g., information about:

  • Dutch employer
  • period of employment
  • the type and conditions of work and salary, as well as what social benefits the person referred for the job is entitled to,

In addition, the employee gains:

  • security–legal, contract-based work
  • possibility of assistance in transport
  • accommodation near the workplace, on favorable financial terms

So if you decided to go to the Netherlands for immediate work, do not know the language and do not have any special professional qualifications, the best solution is to contact a professional and proven recruitment agency.

How to make contact with a recruitment agency for work abroad?

Finding an agency is not difficult, but you should check whether it works based on an appropriate certificate, has a premises that ensure the confidentiality of conversations, as well as a website where it presents all the necessary information in a clear and convenient way.

The website of a professional recruitment agency includes a personal questionnaire, which the candidate should fill out, as well as a list of documents that must be presented in order to be able to take part in the recruitment process.

There is also detailed information on the proposed work conditions, salary, responsibilities and accommodation. Professional recruitment agencies have nothing to hide and all data important for candidates are presented in a friendly and understandable way.

Having filled in the Questionnaire and sent the relevant documents, all you have to do is be patient. The recruitment agency for work in the Netherlands will contact the candidate as soon as an offer meeting their expectations appears.


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