Does work in the Netherlands count towards Polish retirement?

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Does work in the Netherlands count towards Polish retirement?


December 2019

Everyone who worked in Poland and abroad in the EU Member States can acquire a pension from both Poland and the Member State they were insured in. However, in order to receive such a benefit, they should meet the prerequisites to acquire the right to retirement in a given country.

Retirement from another Member State is possible thanks to the EU coordination of pension systems, which applies to most of these countries, including the Netherlands. Coordination is carried out on the basis of EU regulations. However, you must live and work in the Netherlands for many years to receive this benefit.
It is worth knowing that in some circumstances even short-term work in the Netherlands counts towards Polish retirement, and even towards a disability pension or unemployment benefits. To make it happen sort of “automatically”, you need to be employed by a Polish employment agency and delegated to work abroad.
If an employee has found a job in the Netherlands on their own, they must meet certain requirements to qualify their working time towards retirement in Poland. The case is similar for employees who were assisted by employment agencies in finding a suitable job. Unlike other employees, they can rely on the help of professionals – who provide advice and all necessary information, including those related to the subsequent right to Polish retirement.

Work in the Netherlands and Polish retirement

Employment directly with a Dutch employer involves formalities that you must not forget about. Work in the Netherlands may count towards Polish retirement if the employee uses the PD U1 form, which is an international document applicable throughout the European Union. It certifies the actual period of employment and contributory periods while working abroad, and can therefore be used as a work certificate from abroad. You should apply for such a form to the appropriate social institution, which in case of the Netherlands is the Employee Insurance Executive Unit, i.e. the UWV. 

You should remember that just like in Poland, only legal work in the Netherlands counts towards retirement. Therefore, if an employee undertakes employment on their own, which is not covered by insurance, it will not be included in the PD U1 form. That is one of the reasons why legal employment is so important. This is where employment agencies abroad can help, directing people willing to work with reliable employers. Such employment is always legal, provided on the basis of a lawful contract, so adding its duration for retirement will not be a problem.


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