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F.A.S. Packing mediates in finding legal work in the Netherlands, which also involves providing housing for employees. All people working in the Netherlands are provided with work and accommodation. We strive to provide those who come to the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the most comfortable conditions possible.

It is extremely important for our agency that people who are going to work abroad feel well during their stay in the Netherlands. That is why we provide them with comfortable housing, located near their new workplace.

Accommodation is organized in brick houses or in spacious apartments, which are fitted with basic furnishings, with access to an equipped bathroom, as well as places to rest and television with the possibility of receiving Polish channels.

Candidates will share the flat only with their co-workers. All houses and flats that workers are accommodated in have been equipped with a fast Internet connection, which allows easily contacting their relatives and friends at home and abroad.

The costs of such accommodation are attractive, amounting to Euro 97,50 per week, and are paid by the employee based on an invoice. The only requirement is to comply with the regulations that apply in a given apartment, as well as take care of furniture and equipment. Bear in mind that you will have to bear the financial consequences for any damage caused.

Benefits for the employee

Work abroad with guaranteed accommodation gives tangible benefits. Here it is enough to mention, among others:

  • low housing costs, which can be covered without any problems on an ongoing basis from the remuneration received
  • suitable housing conditions in small, usually double rooms
  • possibility of sharing a room with a partner
  • no hidden costs–free TV and Internet access
  • saving time–housing near the workplace
  • clear, understandable terms

Work with accommodation means not only savings and convenience, but also a guarantee that the housing conditions will be in line with previous assurances. In turn, employees will be in the company of other people from Poland, in a friendly and comfortable environment, which will allow them to regain their strength and make new acquaintances without any problems.



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