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Gallery – Working in greenhouses

Work in greenhouses

F.A.S. Packing is a recruitment agency that works closely with the Dutch company AUB van Bergen B.V. Our agency has been dealing with services related to the recruitment of employees to work abroad for more than 10 years, including in greenhouses with various types of potted flowers.

If you are interested in working in the Netherlands immediately, the offer of a recruitment Agency abroad is just what you were looking for. We offer legal employment with a Dutch employer that any adult person can take up.

The scope of duties of greenhouse workers covers the whole production process of pot flowers, i.e. planting, replanting, forming plants, removing unnecessary leaves or planting sticks, as well as labeling, foiling and preparing flowers for shipping.

Doing such work does not require any knowledge of the Dutch language or special professional qualifications; all you need is to be willing to work, and also decide to leave for the Netherlands for at least three months.

Cooperation with F.A.S. Packing

An offer of legal employment abroad ensures that all expectations regarding the salary and accommodation will be met, and the wages will be paid in the amount stated by the terms of the contract.

With solidity and experience of F.A.S. Packing, you can gain:

  • stable employment with a reliable Employer
  • attractive weekly salary transferred to the employee’s account
  • professional service before departure, which, involves e.g. a complete set of information, a referral contract, as well as assistance in organizing transport
  • equipped accommodation and health insurance

F.A.S. Packing focuses on the full satisfaction of both parties–the employer and the employee; it comprehensively deals with arranging all the necessary formalities, the recruitment process and the transfer of relevant documents to the foreign party. We are looking for creative and hardworking people from all over Poland who are open to the needs of the changing labor market.

If the job offer in greenhouses with a Dutch employer meets your expectations, do not hesitate and register as a candidate. You can do that in person, as well as through our website, where you can find a personal questionnaire and a list of all necessary documents.


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