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Go to work in the Netherlands—seasonal employment for the Poles


May 2019

This opportunity of working abroad came for the Poles when the borders were opened for some EU Member States. The Netherlands did not allow the Polish people to work in the country until 2007. But since then, the country has been a steadily and unfalteringly attractive destination for foreign job-seekers. The Poles very often take advantage of the opportunity to work seasonally in the Netherlands. This is a good and, above all, fair option to earn descent money. In which sectors should you seek employment and for whom is it available?

Why is it worth starting to work in the Netherlands?

Going to work abroad is not easy for many people. When you choose seasonal work it stands for leaving your closest relatives for 3 or even 6 months. Not everyone is ready for such a separation. However, it happens that there is no work in your country and attractive remuneration prospects abroad make you take this difficult decision. It is worth remembering that working abroad brings a variety of benefits. First of all, if you work in the Netherlands, you have the opportunity to earn much more in less time than if you were working in your country. If we work legally abroad, we also have the right to medical care and treatment. In addition, you acquire pension rights. If you work in the Netherlands, you are entitled to your AOW (Algemene Ouderdomswet) pension after working for just a few years. It can be a very attractive supplement to your regular pension.

Seasonal work in the Netherlands

The opportunity to take up seasonal work appears to be an interesting option for many Poles. It happens so that when being on holiday and holding a full-time job in Poland, our compatriots earn extra money by taking up seasonal work abroad—most often in the Netherlands. Seasonal work is also a good and attractive variant for people who cannot or do not want to afford to be separated from their families for a longer period of time. Seasonal work, for example in horticulture, is a great idea to earn extra money during summer holidays. The range of seasonal works in the Netherlands is very broad. Work in horticulture is the most popular and the most often chosen type of seasonal employment. Job offers in horticulture are available both for greenhouse as well as outdoor works and apply to both flowers and fruit. They cover all stages of work with plants, from planting through cultivating up to harvesting. Work in horticulture as seasonal work is very attractive for people of all ages as no specific qualifications are required. Furthermore, you do not need to know the Dutch language. Minimal communication only is required and close to you there is always a staff member who is usually well acquainted with all the duties and customs at your workplace.

How to find seasonal work in the Netherlands

The best and most reliable way to find seasonal work in the Netherlands is to visit a temporary employment agency. Personnel at this agency, being your intermediary, coordinator and caregiver at the same time, will help you choose the right departure date, optimal region and sector or industry in the Netherlands. Then you will be supported in the organisation of all your trip abroad—both in formal and thoroughly practical terms. And that’s not all the benefits of engaging a temporary employment agency. The most common job offers available there include accommodation options. This form of employment is particularly favourable for seasonal works because when you are away for a short while, you do not want to waste time and energy on looking for a place to live. Permanent care of agency personnel is another advantage of being employed by a temporary employment agency. Throughout the whole period of work abroad, a coordinator is available at your disposal, who will help you to deal with numerous important issues, especially when requiring language skills. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this option of seasonal employment.01


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