How to find long-term work in the Netherlands?

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How to find long-term work in the Netherlands?


December 2018

The Netherlands, a country located in Western Europe, is a place many Poles have tied their fate with. We go to the Netherlands not only for tourism purposes, but also in search of work. Poles are looking for employment e.g. in greenhouses; many of them are opting for long-term work trips. There are also those who settle in the Netherlands for good.

Legal work in the Netherlands for Polish citizens

As a country offering attractive employment conditions for Poles, the Netherlands is interesting in this respect for several reasons. Several of them are:

  • attractive salary
  • friendly residents
  • interesting job offers
  • insurance and pension schemes for those working for more than 6 months

How to seek long-term work in the Netherlands?

Since April 25, 2007, the Polish citizens’ obligation to obtain work permits was waived, which, among other things, contributed to increasing the attractiveness of the Netherlands for Polish employees.

There are a couple of ways to look for a job in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On the Dutch public employment services, you can find many interesting job offers in the Netherlands and useful information; you can also go there yourself and then look for a job. In order to seek a job effectively in a foreign country, you need to have knowledge about the local labor market, know the language and rules for applying for employment. This is added to the issue of finding the right accommodation. A safer and much faster way is to use the help of a recruitment agency.

Professional recruitment help, legal work, decent conditions

Using the help of a professional recruitment agency is the easiest way to find your first job outside of Poland, especially if the candidate does not speak the language well, and their professional experience is not extensive.

Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands – those that are proven and operate legally, of course – have many job offers that come from reliable employers. Recruiters employed in agencies are people who know the Dutch market, labor law and are also able to tailor the offer to the candidates’ expectations and predispositions.

Furthermore, the aid of professionals allows you to avoid many problems related to jobseeking. Recruitment agencies seek out the most attractive offers, as well as help in completing the necessary formalities that are part of the trip and taking up employment abroad. They are often also helpful in organizing trips to the Netherlands, as well as in finding good accommodation at a reasonable price. All this means that even not knowing the language is no longer a problem, and the formalities are dealt with efficiently, quickly and above all – correctly. All offers available from a recruitment agency only involve legal employment, established under a contract of employment, which includes insurance that is so important to everyone.

Agencies sign with the candidate a contract in Polish, which specifies the following:

  • foreign employer
  • employment period
  • type and conditions of work and remuneration
  • terms of social security, as well as insurance against accidents

Work for everyone

In the Netherlands, there is no upper age limit, above which a potential employee’s candidacy cannot be considered. Everyone can decide whether working abroad is right for them. The only prerequisite is the age of maturity, but it is worth remembering that in the Netherlands there is a so-called “age cap” – which means people who are not yet 22 years old, will be earning less. This does not change the fact that every person who really wants and can work has an opportunity to achieve their intended goals.

Once you have made a decision to go and start looking for work, the agency‘s help is very valuable. Bear in mind that when going to the Netherlands, you will find a completely different country where people speak a language unknown to you, and all official matters are dealt with slightly differently. Integration is a long and staged process in any foreign country, so it is worth using professional support at the beginning.


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