How to get a legal job in the Netherlands?

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How to get a legal job in the Netherlands?


December 2018

The Netherlands is a small country that offers attractive jobs to Poles seeking employment abroad. Favorable financial conditions mean that you can improve your home budget quickly while working in the Netherlands.

Legal work in the Netherlands

Finding a legal job in the Netherlands is the goal of many people, but finding the right offer requires effort. Of course, you can look for employment on your own, but in this case finding a legal and well-paid job may prove to be complicated. Most of us do not speak Dutch or are not familiar with the regularities of the local labor market; still, a job offer must be not only safe, but also understandable for the jobseeker.

In this case, one solution that will greatly facilitate the search for employment is to use one of the many offers available at a recruitment agency abroad. Making a decision about contacting a recruitment agency in the Netherlands has many advantages, and with it you also get a guarantee that the work you have been offered is legal and therefore safe, ensuring fair salaries, including insurance and accommodation.

Legal job ofers in the Netherlands for everyone

A recruitment agency abroad has numerous job offers. The main advantage of recruitment agencies in the Netherlands is that all offers it provides are proven, safe and, above all, include conditions that are clear and understandable for everyone. Therefore, the candidate does not need to speak Dutch, as the professional recruiters employed in the agency will seamlessly find job offers also for those without language skills. Highly qualified staff will help you complete all the formalities related to your trip, providing advice and efficiently guiding the candidates through the entire job seeking process.

Using the help of a job agency is a convenient and safe solution

Using the help of professionals working at a recruitment agency in the Netherlands is a solution that is supported by numerous arguments. It’s worth knowing them, because they help avoid many complications while looking for a job:

  • ensuring safety, since all offers are legal, and therefore comply with applicable law
  • jobseekers looking for immediate work can find an offer that meets their requirements, adjusted to their qualifications and individual expectations
  • legal employment offers are very diverse, work in the Netherlands can be easily found by those without specialized education or language skills, as well as young people, who are just entering the labor market
  • the recruitment agency signs a contract in Polish with each candidate, referring to work in a Dutch company, while on arrival the candidate signs another contract – with a Dutch employer
  • the employment relationship is always established only on the basis of a legal, clearly worded contract of employment; this solution also involves a number of additional benefits, precisely defined financial conditions, insurance, and above all, guarantees timely payment of salaries; the candidate will also receive help in organizing transport
  • legal employment with a reputable company in the Netherlands is also associated with accommodation in well-equipped premises, where, apart from a place to sleep and relax, each of the tenants can use the Internet without additional fees or watch TV with access to Polish channels

Who can take advantage of job offers abroad?

Recruitment agencies have already helped many Poles find the right employment in the Netherlands. Those were very young people, only entering adulthood, but wishing to connect their future with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as students seeking temporary employment for the holidays. Working in an interesting and friendly country, such as the Netherlands, gives young people a chance to improve their financial standing. It is also a great opportunity to get to know many interesting places and customs prevailing in this country. Those who decide to work and stay abroad longer may participate in the pension scheme – which is very attractive in the Netherlands.

The recruitment process is simple and does not require the candidate to provide many documents or to deal with numerous formalities – these matters are dealt with by the recruitment agency’s staff. A candidate must have an ID card or passport, as well as a bank account to which their salaries will be transferred. After registering on the website of a recruitment agency abroad, which involves filling out a short form, all you need to do is wait for the contact which will be established in the way indicated earlier.


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