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For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o. is looking for people who want to work in the Netherlands for AUB van Bergen Groep. The Dutch company is recruiting people to work in gardening, with plant bulbs, in ports, in the fruit and vegetable sector, retail sales, metallurgy, and the food industry. The work may include packing and repacking of fruit, vegetables, itemised goods, and flower bulbs, washing containers, handling potted plants, orchids, and gerberas, construction work, work in hotels and restaurants, etc.

The employee signs a contract with For All Seasons Packing for reference to work at AUB Van Bergen Groep with specified minimum wage. After arriving in the Netherlands, the employee signs a Dutch contact and is informed about the employer, proper hourly wage, and employee and employer standards.


From 1 July 2019, the minimum hourly wage for people aged 21 and up in the Netherlands is € 9,44. People under 23 years of age employed in the Netherlands are subject to the remuneration plan presented below (including gross hourly wages).


CAO collective labour
agreement for the gardening industry

with no CAO 40 h
18 € 6,96 € 6,96
19 € 7,95 € 7,95
20 € 8,94 € 8,94
21 € 9,94 € 9,44
22 € 9,94 € 9,44
23 and up € 9,94 € 9,44

The AUB Van Bergen Groep greenhouses are covered with the CAO Collective Labour Agreement. When working in greenhouses, remuneration for working overtime in excess of 38 hours a week 135% of the gross hourly wage. The 135% rate also concerns work on Saturdays. There is a rate of 150% of the gross hourly wage for work during holidays falling on weekdays (between Mondays and Saturdays) and 200% for work on holidays falling on Sundays.

When working at companies not covered by the CAO Collective Labour Agreement, remuneration for working overtime in excess of forty hours a week or on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays is 130% of the gross hourly wage.

The specifications concerning the remuneration (salaries) paid weekly are sent by e-mail. The employee should have an e-mail address before arriving in the Netherlands.

Before arriving in the Netherlands, the employee must have a Polish or Dutch bank account.

The remuneration is paid only to bank accounts. You should have a card to be able to withdraw money from ATMs. It is recommended to open a bank account in EUR because of the currency exchange differences.


There is employee accommodation organised in the Netherlands. The costs of accommodation start from €97,50 per week and are deducted from the
employee’s net remuneration. If it is not possible to deduct the insurance charge from said remuneration, AUB van Bergen Groep will issue an invoice with a five-day payment deadline and send it to the employee’s e-mail address.

Every employee receives a pair of safety shoes. Shoes are free.

The houses are usually occupied by around 6-8 people. When going to the Netherlands, you should pack a sleeping bag and pillows because they are not provided. Every house has Polish television and free internet access. AUB van Bergen Groep may not be held liable for loss and/or damage caused to the personal belongings in the provided homes. You can insure your personal belongings before you leave your country of origin.


AUB van Bergen Groep can organise transport for the employee from Poland to the Netherlands or from the Netherlands to Poland. The company works with several selected carriers. The one way travel costs start at € 65 and will be deducted from the net remuneration of the employee over 5 weeks (min. € 13 euro per week). If the employee wants to organise the travel alone, he or she must make sure that the carrier is insured or obtain appropriate personal insurance. AUB van Bergen Groep is not liable for damage resulting from travelling with a carrier not selected by the company or travelling alone.


Everyone in the Netherlands must be insured for medical cost coverage, which will be handled by AUB van Bergen Groep. Said insurance costs € 25,50 a week and is deducted from the employee’s net remuneration.If it is not possible to deduct the insurance charge from said remuneration, AUB van Bergen Groep will issue an invoice with a five-day payment deadline and send it to the employee’s e-mail address. The contracted insurance agency is Hollandzorg.The specific extraterritorial costs are subject to return. People making in excess of € 8.96 euro gross per hour are entitled to said return. All other information will be provided on arrival in the Netherlands.


After 26 weeks of work, the employee is entitled to enter the retirement plan, which is coordinated in the Netherlands by Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Personeelsdiensten (STIPP). After six months, the employer will cover the employee’s retirement premium in amount of 2.4% of remuneration for one year. If the employee is still employed after one year, he or she will have to start paying the retirement premium in amount of 4.2% (of the gross remuneration) while the employer pays the retirement premium in amount of 8.3% (of the gross remuneration). Vacations do not interrupt the time required for retirement rights. The 26 weeks of work are counted towards the years of service as long as they are not interrupted with time off in excess of one year. However, when the employee reaches the age of retirement, he or she must make a call to the Netherlands to inform of the entitlement to the retirement pension, which is why all documents obtained from STIPP should be kept in a safe place.

When the job is over or after returning home, the employee may apply to the UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen) employee insurance agency for the E301/PD U1 form, which is used to confirm the time of employment and may be used for the purposes of various institutions in the employee’s homeland. It should be filled out and sent to Van Bergen Personeelsdiensten BV. AUB will hand the form over to UWV, which will complete the form and send the statement to the employee’s home address. Van Bergen Groep is not liable for wrong address information.

The E301/PD U1 form is available at

After you register, please contact our office by phone or e-mail at least once every three months. If you fail to do so, your information will be removed from our register.


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