Off-season job offers for Poles in the Netherlands

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Off-season job offers for Poles in the Netherlands


October 2019

Seasonal work in the Netherlands is extremely and consistently popular for many years. Our countrymen go to the Netherlands every summer, and they mainly get tempted by offers from the horticultural and agricultural sectors. This job is really attractive, and in order to take it people make use of their leaves, school holiday seasons and university holiday seasons. Not everyone knows that a trip to work in the Netherlands can be planned also after the season. What sectors offer off-season jobs and what can Poles do in autumn and winter in the Netherlands?

Can off-season jobs in the Netherlands be attractive?

The number of job offers in the Netherlands in low season slightly decreases, but when it comes to gardening, Poles can still benefit from attractive, off-season job offers related to greenhouse works. In addition, remember that although the number of offers is slightly lower, the number of people, who are willing to take such an off-season job is fewer, as the holiday season ends. This is due to the fact that a large group of seasonal workers in the Netherlands are pupils and students. The latter take up work until the end of September. In autumn, students return to their lectures at universities, and thus Dutch employers create many vacancies to be filled.

In addition, when it comes to the availability of work in specific sectors, both production, industry and gardening keep up the pace after the summer. Some works are performed in warehouses or production halls, so the outside temperature does not matter. And the horticulture sector moves to the greenhouse and continues to grow flowers, which, regardless of weather conditions, are sold to all European countries. Concerns related to economic reasons and profitability of the off-season work are also unfounded. The rates for work during the season and in the autumn and winter are identical. Owing to this, you can earn as much by working in the summer, as well as in the cold period of a year.

What job offers in the Netherlands can be available in the low season?

As we have already mentioned, both in the season and in the low season, there are many offers for employees from warehouses, industry and production. All of them are very hard physical works and not everyone can take them. Especially women can be shortly exhausted by amounts of the physical work.

In the low season on the market, there are still lots of job offers in horticulture. How is it possible? In the Netherlands, glasshouse agriculture is dynamically developing, where plants are grown, cared for and harvested at any season of the year, regardless of the weather. This work is particularly attractive and satisfying. Both women and men are happy to take it. When taking care of plants, you can observe the measurable effects of your efforts every day. This makes us very proud and it motivates to continue the work.

How to search for off-season jobs in the Netherlands?

Looking for a job in the Netherlands in the low season on its own can be a bit difficult. Most of the offers available in the press and on the Internet aim at recruiting employees for the summer and holiday season. Where should I search then? It’s best to register in employment agencies. Such offices specialize in being a middleman when concluding employment contracts between a foreign employer and a Polish employee – regardless of the season. This is a very useful solution for each employee. The employment agency will help find the right offer, complete the necessary documentation, and ultimately sign a contract favorable to an employee. In addition, jobseekers can also count on help in organizing transport from Poland to the Netherlands and in finding accommodation near the place, where work is performed. It’s worth taking advantage of this support, as it will make the trip to work abroad much less stressful. Whether it’s your first business trip abroad, or you already have experience in this sort of travels, it’s always worth using the support of specialists.


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