Privacy Policy of the company For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o.

§1.Data administrator

The data administrator is the company For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o. located in Olsztyn, ul. Herberta 14/23, 10-686, NIP: 839-299-56-82. At For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o. personal data are processed with the greatest care and proper safety measures complying with the laws and regulations of the data protection (GDPR).

§2. The purpose of processing data

  1. We collect personal data necessary for providing of our services. These data will be processed in a reliable, efficient and quick manner in order to make settlements with a foreign tax office or to acquire extra allowances from abroad.
  2. These data will be processed in a reliable, efficient and quick manner for the purpose of recruitment of candidates
  3. Personal data made available to our clients – the Dutch employers and transport companies, in case of persons interested in company transport.
  4. For the purpose of recruitment, we ask for the following data:
    • Name and last name
    • Address of registration and home address
    • E-mail address
    • Telephone number
    • Identity document
    • BSN number
    • Account number
    • Driving licence
    • CV
    • Other professional skills
    • Availability
  5. We do not process specific personal data such as religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. unless the interested party gives an explicit consent to do so.
  6. If an explicit consent of the interested party is given, the data will be stored until the recruitment process is completed.
  7. Personal data are not made available to parties outside of the EU.

§3. Rights

  1. Each person, whose data it’s regarding, has the right to access, correct, delete the data or restrict the processing of data, the right to object, to file a claim to the monitoring body – the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.

§4. Data protection

  1. At For All Seasons Packing sp. z o.o. we take a good care to protect and secure the stored personal data. For this purpose we have implemented various organisational, physical, administrative and technical means.
  2. Only the authorized personnel or the processor with whom we are in a close cooperation have the access to all data and information.
  3. The person who monitors processing of personal data at For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o. can be contacted via or visit our office during business hours: Herberta 14/23, 10-686 Olsztyn.
  4. We have implemented technical and organisational means for the best protection of data of a user against loss, modification, theft or access by unauthorized third parties.

§ 5. Cookie files

  1. The internet site automatically collects data through cookies. These are small text files created and sent via the www server and stored by browsers. When the browser connects to the website again, the website detects the type of machine with which the user is connecting. The parameters allow to read the information in the files only by the server that created them.
  2. The information collected in the cookie files usually contain the IP address, the type of the used browser, information about the time and date of creation, location, and the time of the expiration of the cookie file.
  3. We use the collected data to monitor and check how our website is used, in order to optimize its functionality. We use cookie files to guarantee the highest level of user friendliness and the collected data are used only internally by For All Seasons Packing Sp. z o.o. situated in Olsztyn, ul. Herberta 14/23, 10-686 Olsztyn, NIP: 839-299-56-82, in order to optimize the functionality of our website.
  4. On our website we use the following cookie files:
  • ‘’Internal’’ directly from our website
  • ‘’Essential’’help to use our website correctly
  • ‘’Functional’’ help to memorize the functionalities of the website preferred by the user
  • ‘’Commercial’’ help to match commercial texts relevant for the interests of the user.
  1. User can switch the options off or on for collection of cookies at any time by editing settings in the internet browser.
  2. The user of our website has the full right to request of an entity which processes his/her personal data the access to the information, modification and removal of information or restrict processing of this information.

How to change or switch off Cookie files in the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome:

Go to menu (right upper corner), tab Settings > Go to advanced settings. In the section ‘’Privacy’’ click Content Settings. In the section ‘’Cookie files’’ you can change the following Cookie files settings:

  • Delete Cookie files
  • Default blocking of Cookie files
  • Default permission for Cookie files
  • Default storage of Cookie files and website data until the browser is closed
  • Setting of exception for Cookie files from specific websites or domain

Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0

From the Browser menu (upper right corner): Tools > Internet options > Privacy, Website button. You can set the level with the scroll, then confirm the change by clicking OK.

Mozilla Firefox

From the browser menu: Tools > Internet options > Privacy. Activate the Programme Firefox field: ‘’will apply user’s settings’’. Choose or ignorefield Accepting cookies.

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I hereby agree to receive correspondence, commercial information, and marketing materials from Beyond Resources Sp. z o.o. to my post or e-mail address in accordance with the Act on Rendering Electronic Services dated 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws no. 144, item 1204) and by phone. I hereby consent to storage and processing of my personal information for recruitment purposes in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act dated 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883). I hereby declare that I am aware of and agree to the processing of the data I provided in the aforementioned scope. I am aware of my right to access and change my personal information.


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