The advantages of using recruitment agencies in the Netherlands

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The advantages of using recruitment agencies in the Netherlands


November 2018

Registering with a recruitment agency is an effective method of looking for a job in the Netherlands. Those seeking employment abroad are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that result from establishing such cooperation, and the interest of candidates in this way of seeking employment is also growing.

Changes in the labor market

The labor market, including the one abroad, undergo constant transformations, and the ways of seeking jobs are changing as well. Those willing to work in the Netherlands are more and more often initiating contact with a recruitment agency at the very beginning of their search. The reason for this is the fact that using the support of a recruitment agency is definitely a more effective way of finding a job than long-term searching for employment on your own.

How does a recruitment agency in the Netherlands work?

Applicants at a recruitment agency usually respond to advertisements in the media or come to the office, because they are aware of the many benefits that result from such cooperation.

Those deciding to go to work in the Netherlands register on the agency’s website, fill in the questionnaire, present the required documents and wait for the job offers that meet their expectations. These are often very young people or students seeking temporary work–and therefore without professional qualifications, experience, often also without knowledge of the language, but who wish to find immediate employment that is legal and guarantees decent wages.

Benefits for candidates taking up employment abroad

The main advantage of using the help of a recruitment agency is the opportunity to reach jobs, industries and forms of employment that meet the candidates’ requirements.

For those seeking employment in the Netherlands, support through the coordination of the recruitment process is also invaluable, as provided by the recruiters working at the recruitment agency. They contact the jobseeker with potential employers they can take up employment with.

The recruitment agency determines which documents must be submitted by the candidate, helps organize transport and, above all, guarantees legal employment in the Netherlands, based on a contract that is understandable to the candidate, concluded in accordance with the applicable Dutch law.

A recruitment agency is also extremely helpful due to the language barrier that people who decide to take up employment in the Netherlands must reckon with. The agency’s employees provide support in all matters requiring knowledge of the Dutch language.

The basic rights and terms of employment of a person working through a recruitment agency, including earnings, are clearly specified in the contract, and the agency does not charge any fees for this type of mediation. Candidates are clear about the terms of remuneration and housing conditions before leaving the country, which gives them a sense of security.

Additional benefits of cooperation with an experienced recruitment agency

Those seeking temporary work in the Netherlands through a recruitment agency do not have to spend their time sifting through websites with job ads; they are also sure that the offer they will be presented with will be tailored to their expectations and capabilities.

On the other hand, recruitment agencies are interested in finding the best possible job for a candidate, as well as providing high quality services to foreign employers. It is therefore worth increasing your chances on the Dutch labor market with such support.


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