We recruit Polish citizens for work in the Netherlands – autumn is a good time for working abroad.

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We recruit Polish citizens for work in the Netherlands – autumn is a good time for working abroad.


September 2019

The high season for visiting recruitment agencies in order to get a job abroad is spring or summer. Seasonal travels to the Netherlands for strawberry picking jobs have been popular for years. Therefore, it is no wonder that many candidates for work are convinced that the spring-summer season is the only time that gives the opportunity to find a seasonal job abroad. This is often the case for those who want to sacrifice their summer holidays in order to get extra money. When concerning the demand of the Dutch labour market, it is open for Polish workers not only in the spring-summer period.

1. What kind of jobs are offered in the Netherlands in autumn?

Working in the Netherlands has been possible for Polish citizens for many years now, and the market offers various employment options; however, it is still strictly associated with seasonal jobs. The Netherlands gives wide opportunities for employment in gardening and farming. These sectors depend very strongly on weather conditions and seasons. Of course, the peak working season is spring and summer. We should not forget about greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands, which is a very prosperous sector in the Dutch market. Greenhouse horticulture is a perfect option for working in the Netherlands also in autumn. If you plan on working in the Netherlands during this period, then you should consider job offers in greenhouse horticulture.

2. How does the recruitment process for work in the Netherlands look like?

Employment agencies carry out preliminary recruitments for Dutch employers. It is worth knowing how the recruitment process looks like, what to expect and what to prepare for. Certainly you should remember to submit an application, CV is enough in most cases. Some employment agencies provide the possibility to do it online, while others require to come to their office in person. Presenting a CV allows recruitment specialists to get to know the candidate’s profile and then select an appropriate job offer on its basis. Sometimes a candidate does not apply for any specific job, but submits CV in an employment agency in order to find any job abroad. In most cases recruitment involves an interview with a candidate, after which a decision is made. Multi-stage and more demanding recruitments involve managerial and executive positions. Employers often search for such employees on their own. During the first interview, carried out by a recruiter from an employment agency, the candidate for working abroad is presented with basic information about the company that looks for employees and details about the vacancies. Next, the specialist dealing with recruitment for work in the Netherlands asks the candidate some questions to clarify the submitted application. It is worth knowing that the Dutch pay strong attention to the principle of equal treatment in employment, and it also applies to recruitment, including recruitment of foreigners. Regardless of their country of origin or place of residence, candidates for work in the Netherlands may report any malpractices in this regard to the equal treatment commission. A justified personal question in relation to the offer for work abroad may refer to verification whether the candidate’s religion is in conflict with the scope of future professional obligations and working hours. A contract is signed after making a positive decision on employment in the Netherlands.


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