What jobs can you get in the Netherlands during the winter period?

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What jobs can you get in the Netherlands during the winter period?


January 2020

Working in the Netherlands is mostly associated with the spring-summer period, when local employers are looking for workers for all kinds of gardening activities, mainly in the florist industry. Many people are unaware that jobs are waiting for the Poles all year round – also in the winter season. During this time, many job offers are aimed at seasonal workers, but one can also find more permanent employment.

Job offers in the Netherlands during the winter period

The Netherlands offers interesting jobs also in the winter period, and it is the time when there is a high demand for workers in many industries. The Netherlands needs production workers. Also, the logistic industry is working at full capacity. Hard-working hands are still needed on construction sites. The horticultural industry still has interesting job opportunities because it needs workers all year round – for example in greenhouses, taking care of plants or packing them.
Every year before Christmas, Dutch employers are looking for people to work, for example, in the production of Christmas wreaths or flower compositions. On the other hand, the horticultural industry offers jobs related to Christmas trees. The situation is not much different after Christmas, and there are still many job opportunities in the Netherlands, but at Christmas time, when workers are much looked for, one can count on higher earnings.
Dutch employers look for employees for warehouses and storage facilities not only in winter, but all year round. Besides, the construction industry also carries out finishing work in winter, so you can find attractive employment there too.
Flowers are produced in the Netherlands all year long, so also the florist industry offers attractive jobs in winter months. Working in the production of potted flowers in the Netherlands is also possible in the autumn-winter period.

How to find a job in the Netherlands in winter?

You should look for a job in the Netherlands carefully, because even in this friendly market for foreign workers you can find a dishonest employer. Therefore looking for a job via a good recruitment agency is the best solution.
Employment agencies in the Netherlands have many offers all year round, including offers for those who are not very qualified or who have no experience or language skills.
This is also supported by the fact that in this case, many of the things that need to be arranged in connection with the trip to work are taken over by the agency. Its employees handle most of the formalities related to employment in the Netherlands, and they also provide advice and assistance in other matters. Agencies also offer transport to the destination. Most jobs offered by employment agencies involve work with accommodation, so you do not need to worry about renting a flat.
All of these advantages, as well as the guarantee of a reliable legal employment in the Netherlands lead to the growing interest in jobs offered by agencies. Those who leave to work value both the possibility to choose an offer that best suits their needs but also safety associated with the trip to work organised by a professional agency.

What requirements must a candidate meet to work in the Netherlands?

All adults can find employment in the Netherlands. There are no restrictions in terms of language skills or age of employees, all you need is to decide to leave for work and be properly motivated. Although the duties that need to be performed require strength and determination on the part of the employees, you can count on a salary that is adequate to the workload. The trip is a chance to boost your budget and get to know a foreign country, make new friends and gain experience. Therefore, people of all ages, with or without language skills, as well as couples or students, decide to work in the Netherlands. Employment agencies are contacted by people leaving for the first time but also those for whom such a trip is nothing new, hoping for an interesting offer of legal employment and comprehensive assistance.


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