Which jobs in the Netherlands are mostly taken by Poles?

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Which jobs in the Netherlands are mostly taken by Poles?


April 2019

The labor market in the Netherlands is very welcoming, and it is full of job offerings for foreigners. Our countrymen have been going to the Netherlands for years to take jobs. This is an attractive solution for Poles, as wages in this country are much higher than the pay offered by Polish employers. After all, what can you expect from working in the Netherlands? Which offers should you seek and which positions can be available? In other words: which jobs in the Netherlands are mostly taken by Poles?

Polish employees in the Netherlands

In the first place, the type of work which is available to Poles is in large part dependent on the language proficiency. If you know only Polish, it is obvious that you can take jobs which require physical work with minimal communication needs. The ability to speak English opens up new opportunities, and these also come with the higher pay, whereas the knowledge of Dutch gives an employee the same possibilities as those available for the native-born Dutch. Surely, the important issue is also our educational background and professional experience. In the Netherlands, the latter is much more valuable, compared to knowledge and diplomas. It is clear that an expert such as <a carpenter, a locksmith or a roofer can get an incomparably better pay than a blue-collar worker. After all, these are fewer and fewer of such specialists from these sectors who go to the Netherlands.

Which industries are available for Poles in the Netherlands?

As we mentioned, Polish employees can take jobs in various sectors—depending on the language proficiency, experience and qualifications. Mostly, they are employed in production, logistics and construction industries. In addition, they also get seasonal jobs in gardening. Also, the work as an elderly caretaker—it is less popular than in Germany, but there is still a need for both caretakers and qualified male and female nurses.

When it comes to the Netherlands, there is no need for employees in the hotel industry or tourism—due to the fact that the Netherlands is not such a popular holiday destination like Greece or Spain. Similarly, the work for specialists of various types or office work gets posted much less often, but there are also such offers available.

Gardening as seasonal work in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, lots of seasonal work offers are available, particularly related to gardening and agriculture. Foreigners most often carry out works on harvesting, sorting and packaging of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Seasonal employment is also available in the catering industry—as a waiter or a kitchen porter. The fact remains that the most common and most popular seasonal jobs are related to the work in gardening. It is also worth noting that this work can be both seasonal as well as fixed—due to the fact that greenhouses are widespread throughout the country. Work in gardening is both connected with handling with fruits and vegetables, but much more often with flowers. Foreign employees perform activities related to every stage of flower production. Starting from planting, transplanting and planting out by pruning, leaf peeling and sticking, to labeling, foiling, up to preparing for shipping. Foreign employees, including employees from Poland, are very willing to take such jobs due to the fact that this work does not require technical knowledge. Employees can easily take trainings on site, and most importantly, employment is not conditioned by advanced knowledge of Dutch or English.

Other industries—find jobs in the Netherlands

Equally popular as seasonal work are also job offers on production positions. In a broad sense, production works usually means being employed as a packer, fitter, quality assurance worker, machine operator or simply as a worker. In the Netherlands, there is also a demand for construction workers. Construction industry abounds in job offers on such positions as a painter, roofer, bricklayer, carpenter, concrete operative and construction worker assistant.


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