Work in the Netherlands for couples – where to seek offers?

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Work in the Netherlands for couples – where to seek offers?


May 2020

Sometimes traveling to work abroad is a necessity to ensure one’s livelihood. Much more than not, economic emigration is an opportunity to save more money. Such a step is very often chosen by young people who can rely on the minimum wage in the country. Working in the Netherlands allows saving money for a wedding, car or apartment. But how to survive separation from a loved one? You don’t have to face such a dilemma at all. The solution is for couples to work in the Netherlands together. We advise where to look for the best offers for couples.

Why work in the Netherlands?

Although trips to work abroad have lost some popularity, still a large group of our countrymen are deciding to take such a step. There are many reasons. It is sometimes impossible to find a job at home, or the salary is not in line with the employee’s expectations. Once the decision to move abroad to work is made, one question remains: where to? The open market means that there are so many options that it may be difficult to choose the best one. For years now, the Netherlands has been at the forefront of Polish economic emigration destinations. There are several reasons why this country is chosen so often. On the one hand, it is close enough, much closer than the United Kingdom and Ireland, allowing visiting family in Poland regularly, without losing too much time and one’s hard-earned money. On the other, Dutch employers have many more job offers for Poles, including more attractive ones than our close neighbors – Germany.

Is work for couples in the Netherlands a good solution?

Everyone who has ever been forced to separate from their partner for a long time knows that this is a hard test for a relationship. Sometimes longing for a loved one is so strong that it forces you to return home regardless of the consequences. To avoid such unpleasant and difficult moments, you can choose work for couples in the Netherlands. The difficulties arising from changing one’s environment and going abroad are also easier to bear when you have the support of a loved one who goes through the same ordeal. Apart from such strongly emotional aspects, choosing a job offer for couples also has more practical aspects. When chosing to go to work with your partner, you can see that it is also more profitable. The joint assets increase by two salaries from work abroad, so it can be said that the profits are multiplied. Moreover, the cost of living for two people is much more economical than for one person. The cost of renting a flat, broken down between two people, is also significantly lower. Even ordinary grocery shopping is much better for two people than just one.

Where to look for job offers for couples in the Netherlands?

There are two ways to seek a job in the Netherlands. You can do it yourself, e.g. online, or you can take it to a recruitment agency. The first option is littered with obstacles and traps. First of all, it is not easy to find a job offer for couples on the Internet. Second, online job offers vary. Sometimes it is just a fraud that is intended to extort money, and sometimes the working conditions are unfavorable to the employee. There are credible job offers online for couples, of course, but they remain in the minority. A much easier and more reliable option is to look for a job for couples in the Netherlands with the help of a recruitment agency. The staff at a recruitment agency will make sure that they find an offer that suits both of you. Furthermore, recruitment agencies provide fair, attractive employment conditions, and no doubt this work is completely legal. This is not the end to the benefits of working with a recruitment agency. When choosing a job offer for couples in the Netherlands, you can opt for a job offer with housing. It is a convenience, with which you no longer have to worry about seeking accommodation. Job offers with accommodation in the Netherlands offered by recruitment agencies are also available for couples. If this is still not enough for you, then, on top of a job, recruitment agencies are offering transport to the Netherlands to your place of employment. This makes an offer from recruitment agencies the best choice when looking for work in the Netherlands for couples.


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