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Work in the Netherlands? We advise what to do to get it


January 2019

Work in the Netherlands can be found in many areas, including horticulture and the greenhouse industry. The Netherlands is a country that welcomes employees from other countries, and there are lots interesting job offers to be found there. Both qualified specialists and people without qualifications and professional experience can expect interesting offers. Furthermore, employees from Poland enjoy a good reputation among Dutch employers, which they owe to their integrity and responsibility.

How to seek work in the Netherlands?

One way to seek a job is to go to the Netherlands on your own and look for a job once you arrive. Poles are looking for job advertisements on Dutch websites or in the press, but in that case they have to take into account the language barrier. Without knowledge of the Dutch language, it will be difficult to find an interesting job offer. Another problem appears on contact with an employer or when signing a contract. Not knowing the language, you are exposed to serious risk.
Bear in mind that signing any contract without understanding it fully may result in unpleasant consequences, and work may turn out far from your expectations. Although knowledge of Dutch or even English is not a prerequisite for employment, it is difficult to take one’s first steps and avoid dangers or simple misunderstandings in the Netherlands without basic skills in using one of these languages.
The next problem emerges when looking for a place to rent. When looking for it on your own, you need to take considerable costs into account. When renting a flat, you will most likely be asked to pay a deposit, which is often the equivalent of two monthly rents. Of course, the deposit will be returned to you once the lease expires, but if for various reasons you need to leave the premises beforehand, the deposit will be forfeited. In addition, there may be additional fees in the concluded lease agreement, which may be considerable and put a lot of strain on your budget.
Adding these expenses to the amount that you spend on commuting, renting a place on your own may turn out to be relatively very expensive and absorb a significant portion of your earnings.
Therefore, more and more people deciding to go to the Netherlands are using the offers of one of recruitment agencies that mediate in finding the employment that meets their expectations.

Recruitment agency – safety and comfort

Finding the right employment in the Netherlands with the help of a recruitment agency starts in Poland and is a safe and fast way to find an offer that is tailored to your requirements. There are a lot of good recruitment agencies on the Polish market, but you’d do best to check if the one you chose is trustworthy.
It is therefore necessary to choose an agency that has been around for at least one year and also offers clear and understandable employment offers. Remember, a professional recruitment agency has nothing to hide from its clients and has its own website, where you can find all the most important information and contact details. Employee recruitment is also conducted via this website.
The recruitment agency signs a civil law contract with each potential employee, which is drawn up in Polish and specifies the gross hourly rate, as well as the detailed costs that the employee must take into account in the future. The benefits of working with a recruitment agency also include:

  • decent working conditions
  • precisely defined terms of employment and hourly rates
  • salaries paid in the form of transfers to your bank account, guaranteeing the security and reliability of settlements
  • work in a reputable and proven Dutch company that has a stable position in the labor market
  • help in organizing transport
  • possibility of using affordable and comfortable accommodation on the spot

Professional and legal recruitment agencies in the Netherlands do not charge fees for their services. They only charge costs that are related to transport, accommodation or translation of documents, and the recruitment service itself is provided free of charge.

Using the help of a recruitment agency in the Netherlands is a very convenient solution, especially for those who lack experience, do not know the language well, or go to the Netherlands for the first time. It is also an excellent solution for all those who want to save trouble of dealing with too many formalities and who value security.
Once a decision to go to work abroad has been made, it is worth knowing all the aspects that are related to it. Remember that, although the Netherlands is not far away, you should prepare for your work trip as best as possible – and here the professional help of an employment agency will certainly be of great value.


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