Working abroad without foreign language skills – is that possible?

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Working abroad without foreign language skills – is that possible?


November 2019

Language learning has become a permanent part in the teaching plan at all levels of education. In several cities even the preschoolers may participate in special foreign language classes, where the amazing flexibility of young minds is used. Not everyone, however, was so fortunate and had the opportunity to learn a foreign language at such an early stage of education and use it as fluently as the native language. Many Poles are still unable to speak a foreign language, even at the basic level. Do these inadequate language skills prejudge the impossibility of working abroad? No, not at all.

Is working abroad even possible without foreign language skills?

Many people believe that foreign language competency is a requirement while looking for work abroad. Although looking for a job may be a little more difficult in such situation, and the candidate should seek professional aid in this respect, it is not completely impossible. Many job offers, mainly regarding physical labour, are aimed at people without special knowledge or foreign language skills. Young generation may think that everyone speaks at least one foreign language these days. They forget, however, that education was completely different in the past. Additionally, unpracticed language skills disappear and not everyone may boast the same linguistic skills as others. Correct handling of all formalities in Poland may ensure peace of mind when traveling abroad in order to find a job, even without any foreign language skills. Employment agency representatives are able to help with all those formalities.

Where to look for a job if you don’t know the language?

Internet is undeniably not the correct place in such a situation. When looking for a job abroad on your own, also using the Internet, you need to have at least basic language skills to comprehend a particular job offer. Of course you could try and use the automatic translators available online. Even if you are able to translate the offer itself, using such a tool, your reply written with the use of an online translator may leave much to be desired in the context of grammar and syntax. This is due to the fact that online translators work much better when translating individual words and phrases instead of longer sentences. Additionally, even if one reaches the stage of signing the agreement using such tools, the elaborate legal wording in the foreign language may create substantial confusion. So given that it’s really so difficult, how to look for a job abroad if you don’t know the language? It is recommended to use the services of an employment agency. Employees of such agencies are fluent in several foreign languages, both in their spoken and written variants, and they have a wide job offer database that covers numerous countries and industries. Moreover, they can help you at any stage: from looking for a job to contacting the employer and signing the agreement. Many employment agencies also offer the coordinator’s care after signing the agreement and departing abroad. Such help may prove to be particularly valuable when you need to speak abroad. If you want the departure and the work to be even less troublesome and better planned, you can also select the job offers with accommodation provided by the employment agency. Then your accommodation in decent conditions and in the short distance from work is guaranteed. Additionally, employment agencies handle the transportation from Poland to the destination abroad. There is a lot of benefits you can use, especially when you decide to work abroad without foreign language skills.


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