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Working in the Netherlands with accommodation


February 2019

The Dutch labour market is very sympathetic to our compatriots. Throughout the years of work in the Netherlands, Poles have shown their best side – as an honest, hardworking and reliable nation. That is why for years Dutch employers have been looking for Poles to work in their companies. For each Pole, going to work abroad, including to the Netherlands, necessitates acquiring accommodation. With the right help it is neither fearsome nor troublesome.

Why work in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is not only a member of the European Union, but also a member of the Schengen area. Thanks to this, travelling there is extremely easy and does not require a passport. Very often these are the main reasons why Poles decide to work in the Netherlands. In addition, the economic aspect is not insignificant. The Netherlands is a member of the euro area. However, it has been known for a long time that salaries in euros are much more attractive than those that can be obtained in our country, in the local currency. The desire to earn more money in a much shorter period of time is statistically the most common reason why we decide to go to work abroad.

The Netherlands is not only an excellent and attractive place to work, but also to live. It is an extremely diverse country, despite its small size. This diversity is visible on many levels – cultural, architectural and landscape. This provides a wealth of attractions that do not allow employees earning a living in this country to be bored. Any time off work can be perfectly planned and used.

Organisation of travel abroad

Many Polish companies offer intermediation in employment in the Netherlands, unfortunately only in the form of casual short-term work. Fortunately, on the Polish market there are also companies looking for reliable employees who want to work for the Dutch employer for a little longer. There are still a lot of people who, wanting to bypass the intermediary, decide to look for a job and accommodation on their own. It is worth remembering that this is a task that is not easy and quite stressful. On the one hand, without knowledge of the Dutch language, it is difficult to establish clear and satisfactory terms and, on the other hand, it is easier to deceive an individual who organises a trip to work on his or her own. You can plan and organize everything without leaving Poland, at the same time counting on the fact that no one is playing with our naivety and the work terms will be consistent with those presented in the offer. You can also go abroad the haphazard way and organize accommodation and boarding on site. The latter solution carries the risk of ending up with nothing. Therefore, companies offering job and accommodation intermediary are the best possible option.

Working in the Netherlands with accommodation

Reliable foreign employment agencies offer help every year to compatriots who want to go to the Netherlands for work. At the same time, they help many Dutch companies to find the best candidates on the labour market.

When offering accommodation to employees, they do not avoid any “difficult” topics, do not embellish reality and speak openly about the actual conditions they offer. Such behaviour makes solid foreign employment agencies gain favour and good reputation among jobseekers.

In houses offered by us, employees live in double or triple rooms. In addition, each house has access to Polish television and the Internet, and the use of these media does not increase the overall price of accommodation.


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